All clear keeb?

I learned today you can have clear PCBs (by removing the grounding layer that occludes the light from passing through) so naturally I started wondering to what logical extremes could we push this? Is there a clear keeb? I'm thinking clear case, clear PCB, clear switches (natch), clear cable...

Only hiccups I can think of are
  1. clear caps might be illegible, and
  2. switch housings might not come in clear.
There was that guy who did super minimalist handwiring. Was done on a clear acrylic plate, dont think I saw finished pics of the build.

I've thought about this before and in the end you'll need a completely transparent PCB. You could handwire but this means having a bulky microcontroller to stiick somewhere, while a clear PCB would be less in the way.

For switch, there are outemu transparent clickies which are not great but have clear stems.

If done right then you'll only see switch leaves, wiring and PCB components.