GB Open Aegis: Left Hand 1800

Hello Typehype!,

We are a small group of keyboard enthusiasts from the Australian community who are collaborating together as aeboards to design and manufacture our dream keyboard. With this keyboard, we wanted to bring together a popular layout, in this case it was the 1800, and give it a modern twist to create a tool befitting of the modern software and applications one might find in a workplace.

After months of design, feedback and iteration, we present to you our board.


Features & Specifications
  • Grade 6063 anodised aluminum
  • Bead blasted CNC’d 1.5mm brass plate
  • Sandwich mount design
  • 6.50 Degrees typing incline
  • PCB is fully programmable with the QMK firmware
  • PCB is of 1.6mm thickness with support for PCB mount stabilisers
  • USB Type C connector
  • No switch top opening for a tighter fit and snapping
  • 19mm Height at the front
  • Case dimensions: 396.50mm x 150.85mm x 35.20mm
  • ~3300 grams built

Layout Support

  • Bottom row: 1.25u - 1.25u - 6.25u - 1.5u - 1.25u - 1.5u and 1u - 1u - 7u - 1.5u - 1u - 1.5u
  • Number pad section supports all 1u keys, two vertical 2u keys on the left, one vertical 2u key on the right, and a 2u key on the bottom row
  • Split backspace
  • Split right shift
  • Regular and stepped caps lock

Colour Choices
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Navy

  • Complete Kit (Includes 1x Case Top, 1x Case Base, 1x Plate, 1x PCB) - $380 USD
  • Extra PCB and Plate - $90 USD
  • Extra PCB - $50 USD
  • Extra Plate - $50 USD

Sound Test

Performed with stock retooled cherry MX black switches, Maxkey SA Foundation, GMK screw in stabilisers
There were no modifications or in-switch lubing for this build.


All orders will be shipping from Australia. Shipping cost will depend on your location.
Each set weighs approximately 4.00 kg with packaging.
Shipping fee will be invoiced only after the keyboards are ready.

These are estimated shipping prices:
AU: ~$35 USD
ROW: ~$85 USD

Timeline for orders and payment

The group buy will end as soon as the MOQ of 50 is met or within 2 weeks of the purchase form being released.
Payment is due as soon as possible after invoices are issued.

Lead Time

Estimated as 4 - 6 months

Purchase Form

This is a FCFS groupbuy.
Stay tuned for updates for when the purchase form will come up.


A special thanks to the Australian discord who has provided feedback and criticisms on preliminary designs and layouts.
A thank you to taekeyboards for recording a sound test, and video, with professional equipment.

Manufacturing of the board is taking place, as well as the AE caps, cables and sleeves.
I have already received the packing foam, and boxes are done and about to be shipped.