A few of my shartisans and zomo case review


Picked up one of those zomo artisan cases. It looks very nice, the nicest on the market easily, and costs about as much as a plastic tada.

Does it work? yes... but we are not in the mech hobby for things that just work. We want more.

- looks great
- very solid aluminium unibody bottom case
- finish is nice but i'm no expert
- silicone sheet prevents damage to the bottom area of caps and holds them in place
- has spacing between each row for easier keycap handling
- includes a aluminium feet to have it in a standing position

- acrylic window is friction fitted, very easy to dislodge by pushing or holding it while touching the window
- aluminium top cover does not lock onto the bottom at all
- silicone sheet tends to buckle a bit (depends on your artisans)
- silicone sheet is not attached to the case
- silicone sheet attracts dust very well (photos cleaned up a bit)
- no rubber feet/pads/strips included

Several of these points can be seen as both a pro and a con. The silicone rubber sheet is a good idea but with the pictured artisans, it buckles upwards in the middle instead of being flat. This does help keep the sheet snug in the case but it's not a good system. If it was a looser config, the sheet could move around or even fall out.

A lot of the cons can be ignored if you just leave this on a shelf and never touch it. But you may want to take this to show a friend or go to a meetup. In that case, I would be very careful. The original box and packaging should be kept for this. It is hard cardboard with two types of foam to keep it secure.


Don't have any detail photos of it since this is not a formal review or anything.

All in all, it's worth the money. If you are a frequent collector and will be swapping caps in and out, I feel like you'll get frustrated by the design very quickly. You shouldn't have to worry about the silicone sheet falling out, the lid falling off or the clear panel coming loose and hitting your artisans.

I plan on designing and making my own artisan holder some time in the future. Here's another random old pic.

Custom clicks blue meth cap, suited up keycaps dragon, bgnu-thun alien and seacap.

Don't know where his website has gone. Looks like it's down and the last post was from a year ago.. They had upgraded to pressure casting equipment too.

Damn. I should starting using it again, havent had an artisan on my main keyboard for a while.