🌏Welcome to Typehype - A new era in keyboard forums

Typehype is a team of 2: myself and @dsio (Ash). I've been involved with keyboards as a hobby since around 2007.

I was unimpressed with the ownership changes at Geekhack, but also with the lack of alternatives built on a modern platform and not being run by the same people selling products to their members. I felt that given our existing skill-sets and resources we could build something better for the community.

Here's what we have to offer you so far:
  • High end enterprise-grade bare metal servers and infrastructure with Softlayer/IBM in Dallas, TX. All solid state storage.
  • Owned and maintained by professionals with extensive experience running high traffic online communities and keeping them secure.
  • In-house UI Designer improving and evolving the front-end as we grow.
  • Owners have no financial stake or business interests in the keyboard hobby space.
  • Profit doesn't come first. Operate at a loss initially, with long term monetization model based on non-intrusive affiliate links (such as Superbuy, Taobao, Amazon).
  • Aim of becoming self-sufficient to cover running costs. Even if it's not, we're planning (and able to) fund it long-term. We're not going anywhere.
  • No ads, ever. We hate them.
  • Refined dark UI by default with other styles being built.
  • Specific forums have easy to access thread prefix sorting for finding all open Group Buys, etc
  • Perpetual unlimited image hosting with direct uploads from mobile devices and desktops. Any externally linked images are also automatically re-hosted permanently.
  • Discord account integration (signup, login, and avatar sync now. Notifications + more are being tested). More integrations like Github if there's demand.

You're currently browsing on our v1 release . We have many improvements underway for the next update. Hope you like it!

We're launching to the local Australian keyboard community first, pushing more site updates, then opening the doors to everyone.
I've edited the original post with a few more details added. We should be moving everyone to an updated UI before the end of this week. 👌
Just pushed out v1.1. Changes include:
  • fixed Reddit (and other embed) background colours
  • better favicons
  • more subtle post controls (report etc)
  • added thread-list navigation tabs which sort threads by their prefixes (group buy states, etc)
  • added subtle border-radius to posts
  • improved links and user @mention colour in posts, make same as likes-text
  • improved quoted message styling
  • improved latest nav structure
  • improved forum dropdown menu options
  • better image handling in threads: optimised in posts, link still points to full-size originals
  • removed posts/likes count from user-info on posts, add user-specified website instead
  • improved "click to expand" styling for collapsed quotes
  • improved moderator toolbar
  • optimise sign-up controls placement
  • improved new content indicator on posts
  • better colours in email templates. ditched dark scheme for better client compatibility
  • fix new-posts route so "latest" is the selected nav item
  • new thread janky extra borders
  • wider last-post section on forum list
  • clean up user preferences, privacy, account details sections. Remove duplicated items
  • improved sub-navigation tabs
  • improved threadlist filters and associated structure
  • better colours in account sidebar controls
  • added text aligned to editor toolbar
  • members page header cleanup
  • fixed weird dot/spacing in coversations menu messages
  • better user profiles/about info
  • added custom userfield: daily driver, which can display in user-info on posts or profiles

Still more cleaning and refinements to go, but I wanted to get this out for everyone.