1. O

    o ring sound dampeners

    can you get sound dampening o rings for gateron, kailh etc switches? all i’ve seen on the net is stuff about cherry mx switch sound dampening. if there are other types of o rings for these different switches, please link them thx
  2. G

    Which is the best keyboard for gaming?

    I am an enthusiast and a professional photographer and like to play the game in my free time. So, can anyone suggest me a keyboard that will be best for gaming and also long last? My budget for the keyboard is 2000 Indian rupees.
  3. ramaworks

    RW M60-A - keyset rendering asset A

    Make something beautiful
  4. ramaworks

    RW KOYU - keyset rendering asset A

    Make something beautiful
  5. CandyKeys

    MECHANICON Frankfurt 2018

    click clack - It's MECHANICON o'clock! 👏 👏 👏 Whew, finally we found a location and what a location this is! This years event will be at the Adlerwerke in Frankfurt! We have decided to sponsor the whole location and make this event possible for no cost. The time of the event is Saturday November...