1. TC

    Typing Sounds: PFU Realforce R2 Limited Edition - An ultra quiet keyboard

    Factory silenced purple stems. All switch rails and stabs lubed with Krytox 106. This is an exceptionally quiet keyboard, even more so than my silenced Realforce R1, so you can hear some ambient noise from the room and building. If you had a phone call or voice chat going, it would be possible...
  2. TC

    PFU Topre Limited Edition Realforce R2 TKL tenkeyless keyboard review and photos

    My background I've been involved in this obsessive hobby for a long time, starting with Model-M's. I've tried most variants of Topre switches and owned a decent selection of Topre boards. I've also collected many other keyboards and switch types. I love tinkering with and building MX boards, but...